Appendix III: Download the data

This report was designed to support people to explore the data. The data used in this report is available to support you to do your own analysis and research.

The easiest way to explore the data is to use the COVID-19 Grants Tracker, which is continuously updated from the 360Giving DataStore as new data is published. You can download the entire dataset from the tracker.

However, the tracker does not include some data which was included in this report (as it is not published in the 360Giving Data Standard), and also does not take account of some data cleaning and deduplication done for this report.

You can download the following files from the data used to create this report:

  • [Zipped 9MB, uncompressed 65MB] - a csv containing grants data included in this report. Notes:

    • this file does not include some grants from London Community Response which have been shared privately with 360Giving for this report
    • the file does include grants from the Culture Recovery Fund and Culture Recovery Fund for Heritage that were not originally published using the 360Giving Data Standard but have been converted into that format from data published on the Arts Council England and National Lottery Heritage Fund websites. To include this data in the report, the data they have published has been transformed into the 360Giving format. In some cases this involved adding additional information that has not been published - such as charity and company numbers for organisations receiving the funding.
  • covid_research_tables.xlsx [78Kb] - an Excel workbook containing the summary tables used to construct the charts and figures in the report.