Funding other funders


As funders worked together to respond to the pandemic, they sometimes used re-granting to achieve their goals.

Funds were passed through other organisations to reach particular groups that were expected to be underrepresented or disproportionately impacted by the pandemic and associated public health measures, such as charities working with minoritised communities.

The diagram shows an example of some of the funding relationships included in the data, in this case looking at funding related to the National Emergencies Trust. The arrows show flows of funding: arrows with an outline show funding intended for redistribution by other funders.

Because data is not available on the organisations that were the final recipients of these grants, and to avoid double counting of grants, these re-grants have not been included in this report.

360Giving has started a piece of work to look at how grantmakers can better represent re-granting in their published data.

NET Funding relationships example

Example of regranting using the National Emergencies Trust