Types of grant recipients

The majority of grants went to charities

The type of organisation receiving the grant is known for 56,000 grants, representing 85% of the 66,000 grants analysed.

For the 10,000 grants where the recipient type is unknown, this is either because the data did not include an identifier for the organisation (like a charity or company number) or because the organisation is unregistered (for example a small community group).

In 60% of grants the recipient was a registered charity (39,000 grants). 7,300 grants went to sports clubs and 3,800 to Community Interest Companies.

The total amount received by registered charities was £1.3 billion, around 56% of the total amount of grants.

4% of grants went to for-profit companies, although these grants represent 13% of the total grant amount. Grants to companies were particularly part of the Culture Recovery Fund and Culture Recovery Fund for Heritage.