People supported by grant recipients

15% of charities working with people of a particular ethnic or racial origin received a grant

Charities indicate to the Charity Commission who they support, choosing one or more group of users from seven options. These are broad categories, and charities will often choose more than one category. For example, around 100,000 charities (nearly two-thirds) say they work with children and young people.

15% of charities that recorded that they work with "people of a particular ethnic or racial origin" (the terminology used by the Charity Commission) received a grant in our dataset, 14% of charities working with disabled people and 11% working with older people.

This reflects specific funding programmes and approaches by funders to reach groups and communities that were disproportionately impacted by the pandemic.

It is important to note that these categories do interact with the pattern seen in the size of organisations - a large number of small charities selected on the register “children and young people” as one of their user groups, for example. So the trends for user groups will to a certain extent reflect those underlying patterns.